Anchor. Position 36O 30΄ Ν - 023O 01΄,50 Ε

The Port of Neapolis is located in Vatica Bay, at the south-east of the Peloponnese. This port is one of the most ideal locations for provisioning, crew change, lubricants supplies, minor electronics repairs,  etc., because it is on the crossroads of numerous international shipping lanes, including the Gibraltar Strait-Black Sea route, Adriatic Sea-Suez Canal or Black Sea route, and various other main sea lanes to/from the Adriatic Sea. The deviation required to reach Vatica Bay is can be as little as 3-5 nautical miles. The port offers safe anchorage (recommended anchorage position: 36º30'N /23º01'5''E) with good depths and no pilotage requirement for arrival or departure.



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